Research and Learn

The Tangent Process starts with interviews and exploration. User personas and Impact Maps are two artifacts provide a strong requirements framework.


Project Scope Graphic

There should be some thinking and purpose driving a web site.  I believe that a site's success should be goals oriented and measurable.  In order to measure success, you need site goals and analytics and a data driven approach. I use a micro-conversion approach with extensive data tracking to generate insights.  Measuring many interactions as goals allows for opportunities to optimize.



Your site helps you build a relationship with potential customers. Customers want to be sure they've made the right choice and that their expectations will be met. Site content and design starts setting those expectations. Engaging activities and content exploration paths bring customers through your brand journey and give you a chance to communicate your message.


What is your brand all about, what can customer's expect when they buy from you? I will help you form a content strategy to drive your site activities to relay your value propositions.


Conversions can range from small site actions like a download, to online purchases or requests for quotes. I will help you define the conversions on your site and set up the tracking and reporting in Google analytics to optimize conversions.

I use goals to drive strategy, which is a plan to achieve those goals.  Once the site strategy is identified, we can start defining requirements and design ideas to satisfy those requirements.

Requirements take the form of User Stories and Creative Briefs.  User Stories help inform development of site functionality, while creative briefs inform design.  I use Visual mockups and acceptance criteria to drive estimates and the execution plan.


Stakeholder interviews and design work shops are two processes I use to generate documents and artifacts that drive the requirements list and designs.


A prioritized User Story backlog and set of high-fidelity mockups result from the Learn phase

Other Artifacts

Next Steps

Once the investigation has surfaced actionable work items, the remediation can begin.


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