Auditing and Remediating Websites is my Expertise

A website needs a solid foundation to succeed.

Welcome to the Digital Age

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Even if you don't earn money through your website, your site is probably the most important public expression of your brand. In the digital age the quality of your site says something about yourself and your company. It says, "I know how to connect and how to relate to modern customers".

Your Website is Important

In fact your entire digital presence is important. I'd even go so far as to say, it's too important. The internet wields an unbalanced amount of power over people these days. It is not something to ignore. 90% of your customers will first come into contact with your brand through the internet. Your website needs to start that relationship.

In fact, for a lot of companies, the customer relationship starts and ends with the website and they never speak to the company staff, ever. The website, is essentially, the company.

Your Brand Can't Afford a Bad Website

A bad website experience equals a bad brand.  In 2018, 83% of purchase decisions were made using online resources.

I'm talking about Websites.

But a good Website isn't easy.  Yes, there are a lot of tools out there, but maintaining a good site is more than just tools, it is also about understanding your customers and how they use your site.  Is your site cultivating a relationship with your customers?  Is it increasing their trust in your brand, in your message and your expertise.

Building Trust with your Website

What makes for a trustworthy website?

Fast Page Loads

Nobody wants to use a slow site. If you site is slow, it looks like you have never even seen it, let alone used it. If you don't care about your site, maybe you don't care about your customers either. Your site pages need to load quickly.

Professional Design

If you conduct your business professionally? Then your site should reflect that professionalism. Your site must be 'on brand' and easy to read and use. Your pages should funnel users to actions and engage them with relevant content.

SEO Rankings

Does Google trust your site? Google Deep Mind AI is ranking the trustworthiness of your site. Do others trust your site? Your site backlinks (links to your site from other sites) is the dominant measure of your site's authority. Your site needs to be SEO optimized.

Functional, Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices have transformed the web. A website must be mobile friendly.


Security and privacy is something that has surfaced recently with the rise of tracking and marketing technologies. GDPR compliance is just the tip of the iceberg. A site must be transparent about how it protects customers privacy.


Serving your site in mutliple languages extends its reach and demonstrates how inclusive your brand is.


How fast is your site for users in Australia? Or South Africa?

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